Special Requests

In 1985, we established a request list for our buyers. Buyers would tell us exactly what they were looking for and we would contact them if and when that item came in.

Your request can be general or specific. To name a few, Period Furniture, Empire Furniture, Paintings by a specific artist, Modern Furniture, even a certain chair/chairs you may need to complete a dining room. Also, silverware (even a specific pattern), fine china (any pattern), etc. Photos are needed for this kind of match and you are welcome to either email or send us photographs. We have made hundreds of matches over the last 20 years.

A successful match

A lovely woman had been looking for a large specific round empire style dining room table. It took 6 years, but one came in and we contacted her. She purchased the table and was delighted. When the match was complete, our late manager Frank shouted out "we have a hit". So, since then, the "request list" has also been fondly referred to as the "Hit List."

Please note we respect your privacy and would only notify you if we were certain it was what you requested. Also, we do not sell or share your information with anyone. You also have the option to be removed from the list at anytime.

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