Dutch Auction Sales is one of the largest auctions in the country selling antiques, fine furniture, collectibles, art, jewelry and other estate merchandise. We specialize in supplying other auctions, dealers, galleries and private buyers with estate merchandise, most being fresh to the market.  Sales are held 25 times per year and are held every other Saturday, all year round.

We first opened our doors on Labor Day in September, 1985. Since then, we have had over 630 auctions and have sold over 3 million lots of fine Antiques, Furniture, Art, China, Glassware, Sterling, Jewelry and other estate items.

We sell over 5000 lots each auction including Fine Antiques, Mid Century Modern, Sheraton, Victorian, Empire, Adams Style, Arts & Crafts and many other eras.  Also, there are fine paintings, prints, objects of art, sterling, oriental & persian rugs, estate jewelry, vintage costume jewelry and other estate items at each sale. Each sale offers a wonderful selection of fresh to the market items.

Starting Times

The auction is an all day event. We start selling in glassware at 8:30am. Then, at 8:30am we start selling outside merchandise and the merchandise on dock. (three auctioneers are selling at the same time, but in different locations). When the dock is complete, we come inside and sell oriental and persian rugs and then inside antiques, furniture, sculpture, and Mid Century Modern.   The auction ends when everything is sold. Usually between 6pm and 8pm. The auction lasts about 12-14 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

.  Where does it all come from?  This is by far the most common question we receive.  The majority of the   merchadise is fresh from estates and people downsizing, primarly from New York City, Philadelphia, Princeton.  Our estates span from New York to Washington, DC.  We work with hundreds of attorneys, executors, and realtors. Often, in NY, we have apartments "on hold" and as soon as the apartment is under contract and getting ready to close, we will pick up the merchandise and bring down to the auction.  


Code of Ethics


When Selling

We have a very strong code of ethics and believe honesty is the best policy.  When an estate comes into our auction, or is picked up by us we have a completely honest numbering system.  For example, if you are assigned Lot 20 and you have 25 items to sell, they will be lotted 20-1 through 20-25.  Here is an example.

25-1   9 piece Dining Room Set

25-2   x2 Pair of Mid Century Modern Nightstands

25-3   Set of Blue Onion China (124 pieces)

25-4   Sterling Silver Bowl

etc, etc.  The numbering will continue until all items are numbered and accounted for.  We then issue you a copy of your sold consignment.  This ensures you are paid for everything.   Then, when checking your lot results, simply go down the list and ensure all number are there. Also, we video tape  everything if you need to question a price.  Surveillance is also a top priority at Dutch Auction.

As a Buyer

As a buyer, you are treated with equal respect.  We have a tote board that displays what is selling and the price you paid for the item.  They are put in time order on your invoice so it is easy to check that you were charged correctly.